News Posts via Tunic!

An outline for Tunic's future.
Aug 17, 2017

We’re now about two months past the official opening of Tunic. So far I’ve been overwhelmed with the interest I’ve received about the company, and I’m excited to keep growing.

Our main goal with Tunic isn’t simply to become a great design studio, we’d also like to develop products internally that we can release to consumers and businesses alike. This will take a bit of time to set up, but hopefully we’ll see our first product Q2 2018.

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."
Benjamin Franklin

These news posts/articles are intended to be an internal look into our company, as well as an analysis and commentary about the industries that we’re interested in. Daring Fireball is a fantastic blog site that embodies the attitude towards news that I’d like to replicate. Soon you’ll see posts about design, technology, engineering, etc.

Thanks for joining in on our journey, and I’m looking forward to our future together.

Jarren Horrocks

Owner & Strategist at Tunic, Passionate about Creating via Design and Music.