What is Tunic?
Established in Los Angeles in 2017 by Jarren Horrocks, Tunic focuses on Creative Problem Solving through the use of Digital Design, Product Design, Brand Development, and of course Overall Aesthetic.
Why does Tunic exist?
We believe in the power of storytelling. We exist to help share companies stories more effectively.
(We also share our own stories!)
What does design have to do with the story?
The more powerful the design, the more effectively the story becomes.
So you use design to share stories and solve problems?
Yeah, we think so too. ūüėĄ
We enjoy equipping others through the use of design, strategy, and storytelling.

We build strong brand identities by better relating to others through stories, people, relationships and overall design.

Our stories often take the forms of mobile games, designs, services, and animations.

Our client's stories are shared in a variety of different mediums. We understand how to build and use the tools our clients need to succeed.

The experience of your audience is vital to building stronger bonds between a brand and an individual. At Tunic we focus our attention on Brand Strategy to equip companies and individuals to better relate to their target audience.
Established in Los Angeles, California in 2017 by Jarren Horrocks, Tunic focuses on Creative Problem Solving through the use of Digital Design, Product Design, Brand Development, and of course Overall Aesthetic.
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